Innovation and investmentsPublic and private together to redesign the Porta della Carnia in Amaro

23 October 20190
The initiative of the Carnia Industrial Park was welcomed with enthusiasm, which wanted to tell about the planning of the Carnia access area, in the industrial area of Amaro, near the exit of the motorway exit.
In the Cedolini room of the Consortium headquarters, the mayor of Amaro Laura Zanella and the municipal technicians, the entrepreneurs and professionals involved, the employees, the Board of Directors and the Consultation Committee of the companies located in the Industrial Park, attended the presentation of three projects, each in a different phase of progress, to share the scenarios and opportunities for development of the area, in a proactive and stimulating comparison between representatives of the public administration and private individuals.

The architect Stefano Gri of the studio GEZA Gri e Zucchi architecture of Udine (with offices also in Milan and Venice) illustrated what will be the new Autotrasporti D'Agaro & Co. srl of Amaro that, after the purchase from Carnia Industrial Park of new lots destined to yards for their vehicles, has decided to make an important investment for the complete reconstruction of the historic building, expanding and making functional and more modern the spaces available for management and maintenance activities of means.
It is a project conceived by the Geza studio which has a strong visual and innovative impact and which evokes the activity of the Company and principles of reliability and territorial identity to which it is inspired.
Work on the first lot of the project, which involves the renovation and expansion of the building, has already begun and is expected to be completed within the first half of 2020. The start of the second lot for the construction of the large external infrastructure is planned for the autumn of next year.

The second project presented was the one now known by all as the Porta della Carnia, that is the infrastructure for the cycle-pedestrian crossing of the Amaro roundabout.
The architects Tommaso Michieli and Christian Zanatta of the Michieli studio in Udine and Giavera del Montello (TV) - appointed by the Consortium for the final-executive design, together with the other members of the Temporary Professional Grouping, ing. Massimo Gallonetto and p.i. Fabrizio Valerio - presented their project proposal: the result of a profound review of the Concept winning the Competition of Ideas promoted by Carnia Industrial Park in 2018.
While maintaining the original idea of a pedestrian cycle bridge as a response to safety needs and to promote pedestrian and bicycle mobility, their project strengthens the identity and symbolic element that enhances and characterizes the territory of Carnia.
A project rich in innovative and technological components that qualifies, from the point of view of design solutions, as a landscape device for the production of ecosystem services and environmental mitigation: CO₂ absorption and filtration of polluting particles, increase and protection of biodiversity, promotion of soft mobility.
The intervention, already included in the Consortium's Industrial Plan and for which a co-financing was recently granted by the Department of Productive Activities of the FVG Region, is currently being completed and approved for final-executive planning. Work is scheduled to start in spring 2020.
The infrastructure will connect with the bike path that will be built on the former Tolmezzo-Carnia railway line, whose project is the result of a collaboration between the Consortium and the Carnia UTI.

To conclude the meeting, the intervention of the architect Barbara Candoni and the designer Sylva Gortana of the Udine DAS 16.8 studio - recently honored by a very important recognition with their project Oikos srl | Color and material for architecture result among the 45 selected projects "Best Italian Exhibitiion Design 2019" - which presented some suggestions about the study, commissioned by Carnia Industrial Park, for the construction of a business hotel in the northern area sheltered by the Amaro roundabout.
Unlike previous works, both under construction, the Porta della Carnia business hotel concept is currently in the development phase of the technical economic feasibility project.

The mayor of Amaro, Laura Zanella, at the end of the presentations, focused on the contents of the projects and above all on the method used: «It is nice to participate in moments like this, in which the projects of private entrepreneurs are consistent and integrated with urban planning and the infrastructures proposed and implemented by the public. I think the most exciting thing tonight was to see an important area like Amaro's, with an obvious technological vocation, projected into the future

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