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Our company can boast of numerous strengths, thanks to which it differs within the transport sector.


Autotrasporti D'Agaro is a historic company in the sector that is differentiated by an important and constant investment in vehicles and personnel.


A quality service obliges the company to use means at the height of the context. The trucks are all of the latest generation thanks to a company policy aimed at the regular investment over time of vehicles and equipment to support transport.
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Our team


Great attention is paid to the choice of the human resources of the surrounding area, favoring their professional development through high-level training courses.


The EURO 6 vehicles and the advanced instrumentation for consumption monitoring allow an ever lower emission of pollutants into the air.
Our team
Our team


Autotrasporti D'Agaro considers innovation a cornerstone of corporate strategy. The partnership with Volvo Truck has encouraged the introduction of Dynafleet as an information system for fleet monitoring.
Location: every moment we are aware of the status of the delivery thus improving the reliability of the transport
Driving hours: the traffic manager is able to plan delivery more easily tomorrow.
In this way the customer is always informed about the status of the shipment and the best traffic management allows to offer an efficient and effective service.