Innovation and investmentsAutotrasporti D’Agaro focuses on young people

7 November 20190
Is the lorry driver a trade in "extinction"? From what we read, in many parts of Italy it is so, given that many companies in the transport sector struggle to find personnel. In Friuli, instead, there is a virtuous reality where this problem does not seem to exist and in which the average age is lowering, given the 20% of employees who are under 30 years old. It is Autotrasporti D’Agaro, a company located in Amaro, but born and raised in Rigolato, founded in 1925 and which today employs around fifty employees, generating a turnover of 5.5 million euros. It is a point of reference in Alto Friuli for the transport sector.

The drivers working for the company are 43: they are all Italian, mostly from Carnia, and with an average age of 35-40. "We have begun a process of "rejuvenation", introducing more and more young people, already for some years" underlines the CEO Angelo D’Agaro. And although his collaborators are not lacking, he is aware of the difficulties in finding personnel, especially in the mountain area.

Despite the problems, however, his company employs around ten drivers under 30 "because we have understood - the entrepreneur adds - that it was time to think about a generational change". But how does D’Agaro find new staff? "Word of mouth among" fellow drivers "helps a lot. We are able to offer interesting pluses: our vehicles are new, well maintained and with scrupulous maintenance. We are organized and attentive to the rules. And finally - concludes D’Agaro - we offer adequate salaries and try to meet, as far as possible, the needs of our collaborators. Our type of activity, very ramified and flexible, helps in this sense ".

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