Innovation and investmentsAutotrasporti D’Agaro invests 2 million for the renewal of the headquarters

14 June 20190
Angelo D’Agaro can now look to the future, with his children: Stefano and Angela. "They are my vision of the company." It is a reference reality for the transport sector, located in Carnia. And now, get ready to grow again. A new investment arrives for Autotrasporti D’Agaro, a company based in Amaro that has been present in the sector for almost a century. After being born and raised in Rigolato, the activity since 1990 has moved to the industrial garrison of Carnia Industrial Park; therefore, in 2020 it will celebrate its first 30 years in the "Carnia door". To do this, it has decided to expand its headquarters, investing 2 million euros.
It is a shining example of a successful family-run business, the one that arose in 1925 thanks to the founder Umberto who, after inheriting two horses and two wagons, embarked on a new adventure in the shipping industry. Today, that dream, that challenge, can be said to have been won! Autotrasporti D’Agaro currently has a fleet of 45 trucks and employs 50 people, for a turnover of 5.5 million euros. Specialized in road transport, thanks to its long experience, it offers a punctual and quality service, with a constantly renewed fleet and now all made up of trucks that comply with the Euro 6 standard. The adoption of the Dynafleet, an information system is also important. and management for fleet monitoring that allows real-time geolocation of all vehicles and the planning of hours and driving style of drivers, an opportunity born thanks to the collaboration with Volvo Truck.
The investment of the new headquarters is possible thanks to the growth trend of the company: "For two years - says Angelo D'Agaro, CEO of the company - our business has achieved excellent results, also thanks to the entry of my son Stefano, a management engineer who has ensured a significant contribution to our production chain. Since 2020, I trust that my daughter Angela will also be on staff. A thank you, for the matured feedback, goes to my faithful and tested
team of collaborators, a true backbone ”. Among the realities served by Autotrasporti D’Agaro there are: Goccia di Carnia, Cartiera Burgo and Amb.

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