Ceremonies and special eventsSpecial protective barriers for the Triveneto Ana Rally: these will be the Trucking D’Agaro trucks

4 June 20190
There will be special, unusual barriers to guarantee security for the upcoming Triveneto Ana Rally. For this event, scheduled in Tolmezzo from June 14th to 16th and for which over 20,000 black feathers are expected in Carnia, the vehicles of the Autotrasporti D'Agaro company, active from almost a century in the sector and based in the industrial area of Amaro, will be offered as protective barriers. "The organizers - said Angelo D'Agaro, CEO, and his son Stefano - had asked us, already last year, to make trucks available to create" safety posts "," to block ", Since no one has access to specific areas adjacent to the places of the event, scheduled for Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June. We agreed with pleasure, aware also of the importance of the event ".

Specifically, the Carnic company will provide four vehicles for the first day, when the first events will take place, and another seven for the next day, when the majestic Alpine parade for the center of Tolmezzo, three with the semi-trailer and the remaining with only the tractor. All vehicles will occupy the road in strategic places, such as the storage area in the northern area of Tolmezzo (near the Agricultural Consortium), or in the southern part of the city. To ensure the movement of the trucks in case of necessity in the interested times (Saturday 8-12 and Sunday 6-15) will be the volunteer drivers "many of which - the D'Agaro explain - have made the Alpini and therefore they are very keen on this event. We thank them for their availability in two days usually dedicated to rest ».

The Triveneto Alpine Meeting will be one of Tolmezzo's highlights of 2019 and, for many who have worn the black pen, also a reason for particular pride: "My grandfather - concludes Angelo D'Agaro - has participated in the campaigns of Greece, Albania and Russia. I still keep his hat at home. We feel very close to the Alpini and we are happy to contribute to the event ".

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