Innovation and investmentsAutotrasporti D’Agaro grows and expands its settlement in Amaro

30 April 20190
On 25th March, the contract of sale was signed with which the Carnia Industrial Park, following the public tender procedure provided by its Settlement Regulations, sold an industrial lot of over 4,600 square meters to the company Autotrasporti D'Agaro srl industrial area of Amaro, which will allow the company to further expand its industrial settlement with the construction of a new yard for motor vehicles, able to accommodate over 30 vehicles. A first enlargement, with the purchase from the Industrial Park of a 3.350 square meter lot, also destined to a parking area for vehicles, had been carried out during 2017.

Autotrasporti D’Agaro & Co. is a historic company in the transport sector, present in Carnia for over 90 years, which since its foundation has placed the quality of customer service as a reference for its business. Thanks to the partnership with Volvo Truck, the company has adopted Dynafleet as an information and management system for monitoring the fleet, a system that allows real-time geolocation of all the vehicles and the time and driving style of the drivers. The constant and gradual renewal of the vehicles (tractors and semi-trailers), the selection of personnel identified at local level to encourage their loyalty to the company, the training of drivers through highly professional driving courses, have consolidated, and in the last three-year accelerated , the growth path. The 2018 budget has in fact recorded an increase in turnover of over 25% and the staff is today equal to 50 employees among drivers, vehicle assistance personnel and administrative offices.

The owner of the company, Angelo D'Agaro for some years supported by his son Stefano, illustrates the next steps of a path of growth and consolidation that includes new important investments: "The Company's multi-year plan, after the purchase of the squares for the vehicles, provides for the complete reconstruction of the historic warehouse that occupies the offices and the workshop, expanding and making functional and more modern the spaces available for those who carry out the managerial and managerial activities and the maintenance activities of the vehicles. We entrusted the project to the Geza architectural firm in Udine - continues Angelo D'Agaro - with the aim of creating a venue that witnesses the quality of our work and that represents at the same time the principles that inspire our work: innovation , reliability, quality and territorial identity. The Investment Plan, launched in the last three years, amounting to five million euros, will allow us to transform our historic company into a modern transport carrier by the end of 2020 ”.

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