Innovation and investmentsSoon a new gateway to the Amaro industrial center

14 September 20200
The pandemic has lengthened the time required for the transfer to the new headquarters of D'Agaro Autotrasporti , at the entrance to the industrial center in Carnia, in Amaro. "We will move at the end of October, instead of September - explains Angelo D’Agaro , who heads the company together with his sons Stefano and Angela -. Covid slowed down the expected times by only one month ".

During the inauguration of the new headquarters, the company (turnover to 5.5 million and an increase in the workforce from 40 to 48 units) will also announce a brand new entrance to the industrial area, which will be made futuristic by the new adjacent structure. at the roundabout that offers access to Carnia and its industrial area, with an imposing and design canopy, for a total investment of 2 million euros.

"We are extremely satisfied with the new headquarters of D’Agaro - explains Laura Zanella, Mayor of Amaro -. Our industrial area is powerful in terms of the important companies that make it up and it is worthy of an entrance that knows how to seal its value ".

"We see the completion of a first phase of the company's investment path - is the comment of Danilo Farinelli, CEO of Carnia Industrial Park -, which generates value for the entire Industrial Park. A path in which everyone has done their part well, I am referring to the Municipality of Amaro, Department of Productive Activities of the FVG Region and Industrial Consortium; the increased number of established companies has generated demand for new transport and logistics services. And above all, Autotrasporti D'Agaro, with its investment choices in new technologies, has enhanced the local workforce, planned the generational change well in advance and created a beautiful new company headquarters ".

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