Innovation and investmentsSelf-produced green energy and new headquarters for Autotrasporti D’Agaro of Amaro

30 November 20200
Sustainability also passes through choices made by forerunners who, by safeguarding the environment, help to innovate the contexts in which they are located. This is confirmed by the history of Autotrasporti D'Agaro, which has progressively equipped its entire fleet with the most up-to-date and performing monitoring systems and has now just moved into its new headquarters with a very high environmental value.

In fact, in the industrial area of Amaro, the new headquarters is equipped with a photovoltaic system, which allows the company to completely eliminate the use of gas, making it 100% autonomous from an energy point of view. Everything, therefore, is powered by self-produced green energy: heating, air conditioning, car wash system, distributor and all that is used at the headquarters.

This is where efficient, safe and green road transport starts. In fact, since 2013, D’Agaro vehicles have been fitted with the "Dynafleet" system, the easy and easily integrated tool with company information systems that allows communication with the vehicle, monitoring of movements and operating conditions. It allows online access to vehicle data, thus acquiring information on how a vehicle is driven, on mileage, consumption, vehicle status, location and driving hours. The “Fuel & Environment” service suggests solutions for reducing costs for fuel and emissions and, thanks to the reports, it is possible to view potential savings and projected progress in seconds. "By analyzing some simple data - explain Angelo, Stefano and Angela D’Agaro - you can better understand where to intervene on the driver's driving style to reduce consumption and determine big savings in terms of final costs for the company".

This is why D'Agaro accompanied the installation of the system on its vehicles with an "Efficient driving course" for its drivers. The drop in consumption that has been recorded over the years "has implied a reduction in emissions and a gain for the environment, an issue that today cannot be absolutely neglected by the haulier to work in harmony with the stringent regulations on the subject" , underlines Angelo D'Agaro. For each driver, the report that monitors driving monitors braking advance, engine and gearbox, speed management, total travel time, mileage and consumption.

It has 48 employees and a fleet of over forty vehicles. The new headquarters in Amaro's Industrial Park is the result of an investment of 2 million.

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