Innovation and investmentsAmaro, D’Agaro Trasporti enters the new business center

9 March 20210
New spaces for work that has never stopped, even in the hardest months of the pandemic, and which continues to have a significant flow, albeit with elements of novelty.

With this energy, Carnica D'Agaro Trasporti entered the new headquarters located in the industrial center of Amaro. Elegant, innovative environments but with roots in the territory - the marbles used in the executive rooms are strictly Carnic -, the new headquarters of the company, which boasts a fleet of 44 high-rate green vehicles, is a new gateway to Carnia Industrial Park is the result of 2 million investments that turned into the heart of the pandemic.

In fact, the consolidation and expansion projects in the company have never stopped, so much so that the 2020 turnover closes in line with that of the 2019 budget - 5.5 million - and with the holding of employment levels.

"The customer diversification action that we have undertaken in recent years has proved to be fundamental for maintaining the business in the pandemic months and for avoiding the downturn in the business", says Angelo D'Agaro, expression of the quarter generation. The request for transport, therefore, did not stop. "Indeed - adds D'Agaro -, with the increase in e-commerce it has increased, even if at the same time it has changed some of its characteristics".

A mutation that D'Agaro immediately interprets, knowing how to read the signs of the market and respond to it with flexibility and adequate responses. Among these, the sustainability of an activity that has an undoubted impact on the environment.

Forerunner in the use of software for fleet management, today D'Agaro Trasporti manages the control of its vehicles in real time, thus consumption and therefore pollution, in favor of the environment and man.

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