Innovation and investmentsD’Agaro invests in the mountains for 90 years “but infrastructure is needed to remain competitive”

20 May 20210
Physical and intangible infrastructures are an indispensable asset for companies, imagining themselves for those who want to continue doing business in the mountains, where they were born. It is precisely on this aspect, therefore, that Autotrasporti D'Agaro, for 90 years in Carnia, focuses its attention when it tells what it means to do entrepreneurs in the mountain area. "It involves higher costs," says Angelo D'Agaro, who leads the company together with his sons Stefano and Angela, in no uncertain terms, and "to make the area strategic, better communication routes would be needed than the current ones." Angelo D'Agaro has trucking in his DNA, it is the core business of the company and his observations are not generic, they immediately become even more precise. "What makes the mountain area unattractive in my opinion are the roads, especially in Carnia, with a low rate of smoothness". The even more specific reference is to the Villa Santina-Sappada section of SR 355, in practice the mountain gateway to Veneto and Alto Adige.

In short, doing business is not only linked to the entrepreneur's idea, will and capacity for investment and innovation. The context is extremely important, not infrequently decisive. Roads in the mountains it is clear that it must deal with the environment and find the right balance between economy and ecosystem, but the possibilities for action are there. This is demonstrated by D'Agaro herself, who has made sustainability one of her qualifying points.

A not insignificant commitment for a trucking company. Yet, Autotrasporti D'Agaro was a forerunner in the use of software for fleet management and today manages the control of its vehicles in real time, thus reducing consumption and therefore pollution, in favor of the environment and 'man. The new business center is also innovative and fully integrated into the surrounding environment. Two million investments to continue an activity that did not decline during the pandemic, by virtue of a process of diversification and increased demand also through e-commerce. Everything in the new headquarters speaks of the territory with which the company has lived for almost a century. Even the marbles used are strictly Carnic.

The request for more infrastructures, therefore, comes from a company that has shown and is demonstrating that it continues to want to stay in the mountains, trying generation after generation to find the right balance between safeguarding the environment and the possibility of mankind to live there with satisfaction. .

The new headquarters of the company in Amaro, which boasts a fleet of 44 high-rate green vehicles, is a new gateway to the Carnia Industrial Park and the result of 2 million investments that have turned into the heart of the pandemic. In fact, the consolidation and expansion projects in the company have never stopped, so much so that the 2020 turnover closes in line with that of the 2019 budget - 5.5 million - and with the stability of employment levels.

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