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16 April 20200

Angela D'Agaro, from Autotrasporti D'Agaro located in Amaro, invites women to embark on a career in this sector

She is Angela D'Agaro a brave and determined girl. She is twenty-four year old and she recently graduated in management engineering, with a period of study in Canada, in Montreal, and another, of work, in Poland, in a logistics and transport company. She is part of the team of D'Agaro Autotrasporti , a company based in Amaro , in the industrial sector of Carnia Industrial Park, to whose guide is the father: Angelo . Forty-five means of transport, for about forty drivers. A purely male environment which, however, does not affect the personal and professional realization of a woman. Angela D'Agaro is in fact the only woman among the company's employees. This is also the reason why she wants to give a warning.

"The role of women can be reviewed in the transport and logistics sector in general - explains Angela - this already happens in the countries of Northern Europe. Being a woman does not mean compromising entry into the world of logistics. My role within the company is of an administrative type, but nothing is closed to women. My studies allow me to carry out my task at best, and as in my case, many other young women with this type of preparation can aspire to sector in which we operate ".

In Italy, the number of employees increased (+ 6.4%, bringing the overall value to just over 250,000 units) and turnover (+ 8.1%, over 46 billion total) in the transport and logistics sector, but growth slowed. In the previous year, an increase of 10.4% of employees and + 10% of revenues was traveled. This is the photograph of the transport and logistics sector taken by the SRL Balance Sheet Observatory, published by the Council and the National Accountants Foundation. The analysis based on the AIDA-Bureau van Dijk database covered the 2018 financial statements of almost 17,000 srl belonging to the sector, equal to 3% of the total of srl. In Friuli Venezia Giulia there is an increase in employees (+ 7.9%), but few women (only 35% of the total) and turnover (+ 9.6%) remain, with higher growth than the national figure. In detail, it emerges that the growth in turnover is higher among the companies in the land transport of goods sector (+ 11.3%) followed by the srls in the maritime and inland water transport sector (+ 8.7%), storage and transport support (+ 6.6%) and finally (+ 3.8%) land passenger transport.

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