Innovation and investmentsAngelo D’Agaro: “In favor of the vaccine, but I have not imposed anything on employees”

30 August 20210
The government decision regarding the use of the Green Pass on means of transport is expected in the next few days, while the world of work is split between those who want the certification obligation for workers and those who are against imposing the vaccine.
A complex situation, while the Delta variant continues to raise infections even if for now it does not put the hospitals under stress. In this scenario, for now, every company tries to find the mediation between the safety and security of its business.
This is the philosophy adopted by D'Agaro Trasporti in Amaro, the company with over 90 years of history that has continued to reach Europe as well as the rest of Italy in recent months, carrying out its essential service. "In a year and a half of the pandemic we have not had a single case in the company, despite our continuous travels also in Europe", confirms the president Angelo D'Agaro, who has a fleet of 44 vehicles and a new headquarters at Carnia Industrial Park , the result of a 2 million investment.
Not a coincidence, probably, but the result of the "rigorous application by the staff in the company and during transport of all the actions necessary to contain the spread of Covid, from distancing to the use of sanitizers", he lists. A behavior, moreover, that "we have also found in the companies with which we have relations for the transport of goods: every entrepreneur has at heart the continuation of his business and therefore we have generally found a widespread application of the provisions, in particular that relating to distancing. Direct contacts are reduced to a minimum and always carried out in safety ».
Now, however, the use of the Green Pass is at stake: to make it or not to make it mandatory for workers? "Personally, I am more than in favor of the vaccine because, if it is necessary to always keep a critical sense in training, you cannot question everything and even science: if today the average age is over eighty years and not many decades ago we dreamed of this threshold, we must admit that it is also due to science. We have important tools in hand, which perhaps not everyone knows how to use in the best possible way ».
Therefore, "vaccination yes without" ifs "and without" buts "," underlines D’Agaro, who, however, of course, has not imposed anything in this regard in the company. "The vaccine is not an obligation and the employer is not required to know the choice of their employees - he remembers -. From the exchanges of considerations that took place in completely informal contexts, I think I can say that vaccination has been widely followed in the company, but an impression remains ".
Therefore, D'Agaro continues to scrupulously put into practice the anti Covid rules required by the health protocols that have so far preserved it from infections. As for the obligation of the Green Pass, the ball passes to the institutions, while reiterating "full adherence to the vaccine, which is a resource against the virus", concludes D'Agaro.

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